Our Vision and Goals for the Future

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Our Vision and goals For the Future.

Here at Bluestreak radio we are striving to build career opportunities for those who desire to learn about management, broadcasting and gain experience that will be useful in the future regardless of what a person chooses to do. We offer community involvement, leadership qualities, ethical journalistic opportunities, in not only being one of today’s digital jockeys, but also in sports casting for local events, news broadcasting, and weather broadcasting. Our professional staff of broadcasting management and web design people are all people who have overcome the challenges that life has thrown at them and wish to pass along the wealth of knowledge that they have gained while learning to incorporate new and innovative ways of doing things.

Bluestreak Radio is a pilot program which is still in the learning stages and will be changing and evolving as it is honed to a sharp edge to give those who wish to participate in the program a chance to grow and learn. It is our hope to involve students, parents, and community leaders from the Area to participate and take a more active role while having fun and learning. We have three main goals here at Bluestreak Radio to give experience to others, to inform the local community and the world, and to have fun while doing it.

Bluestreak radio is a non-profit, education driven project which has as of the writing of this been completely covered expense wise by those who are offering it to others. We are not actively soliciting donations to cover expenses and expect those who desire to learn to invest into their own futures. There are many ways to get into the broadcasting field with radio, television, and social media being just a few. So weather you want to cover the political side of community activities at a city council or county board meeting, let others see the cultural side of our community by covering music concerts and arts/ drama goings on,, or cover social events such as the Little Bear day’s events that occur yearly in the city of Neodesha or the Neewollah activities in nearby Independence. This is your opportunity to become involved.
This hopefully will help those who grew up, lived in, or love Neodesha to get information about our roots so we can stay informed. Hear the ball games and keep abreast of what is happening and at the same time present an opportunity for good music provided when events are not actively being covered. in the home community that we grew up both loving and hating. Please visit our apply link on the home page: BlueStreak Radio! and find the apply link located on the page.


The Bluestreak Radio Staff